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iAmAttila. 6 online businesses. Top affiliate marketer. 500 000$ from a blog. Part 1 2019


Attila – top affiliate. Online influencer. Owner of 6 online businesses. First touched affiliate marketing in 1997. Author and creator of most popular blog about affiliate marketing with 500 000$ of annual profit – iamattila.com. We discussed affiliate marketing, online business, push traffic, lead generation, black and white hat approaches to Facebook ads.

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Tell your life story: how did you start AM? Why do you want to continue? What drives you forward?

The best will be chosen on the 29rd of December.
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06:50 – Live before online Business. How organising rave parties turned into meeting a wife
11:20 – Vision of E-commerce business
13:39 – First touch of affiliate Marketing 21 years ago
17:20 – Why networking matters
20:10 – Start in Affiliate Marketing
23:20 – Initial investments to start Online Business
25:22 – How to start now with 2000$ in your pocket
33:56 – Speaking of revenue
36:58 – WIN Personal consulting worth 2000$ from Attila
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  • Okay so I am not gonna tell a story of how poor I was or how I saved my family by starting to earn $ online because neither of those has happened. I am a 20 yo, normal guy from Poland, who loves freedom. I have never taken any normal job because since 14 i ve been trying to make something work out on the internet. i ve never dropped any college nor university because i haven't been to one. And also you wont hear how I wanna prove to all my haters that I can achieve a huge success. I dont want to prove anything to anyone, everything I do is purely for myself. So no shocking nor sob story here haha

    how did you start AM?

    My first encounter was with bux (we call it bux in Poland, I dont know the eng word but its all about clicking some ads and gettig paid for that). The funny thing was we setup a bot back then which was able to click those ads for us, but we needed more PCs to scale. So we went to the library (we were 14 yo so we used to go to school everyday lol) where we had like 6 PCs and we set the bot up on everyone of them. The librarian was a bit suspicious but we managed to do that. We earned a few bucks but the bux turned out to be a scam and we didnt get paid 🙁 Then I started by filling out some surveys which made me earn like 10$ within a month. I was around 14 back then so I was happy as hell. Then my best friend from school started to earn some serious amounts (50$+) on content locking (which was already more than our teachers did), so I decided to join him. He mentored me for a bit and that's how it all began. 1,5 years ago I started with paid traffic. Ofc I have had some ups and downs like everyone here, I have managed to achieve some nice results so far.

    Why do you want to continue?

    Its just an amazing industry. It's pure freedom. You dont need any agreements, lawyers, you dont have clients, you just work whenever and how you want. Besides it's a bit addictive, just like casino games, but you have more control here and you need more skills. I just love to see my camps getting green and having time to do other stuff. And I dont know if there is the second industry like IM where you can see effects of your work so quickly.

    What drives you forward?

    Money drives me forward. Everywhere you can see how money is important. How much more you can control your life by having it.

    People dive me forward. I love meeting new people and you probably know that people in this industry are kind of special and intelligent. That's the reason I wanna meet you. I just see how similar we are, how we deal with problems. I know I wanna be where you are right now and I would like you to help me to get there faster haha

    Development drives me forward. I have learnt so much here, it's impossible. I have some graphic skills, i know some of websites building, coding, copywriting, analizing, negotiating, keeping your head cool when everything is falling, and marketing of any sort. I just don't see myself outside of the industry.

    To ZorbasMedia – great interview, really nice and interesting questions. I love how you go deep with some topics. Not some boring stuff from an interviewer who doesnt know what he talks about. Your materials are great and I am looking forward to see new ones 🙂

  • Привет.
    Я начал арбитражить года 3 назад.
    После того как решил завязать с покером.Сначала это была товарка,а лил из с пабликов vk.Потом мне показалось ,что денег в арбитраже меньше,чем в самой товарке.Так я переключился на создание интернет магазинов.Затем началась карусель с невыкупами заказов,демпингом конкурентов,нехваткой времени на личную жизнь.В целом меня это достало!
    Летом 2018 я увидел видео парня,который учил сливать с fb. И решил попробовать снова.Ушел в легкий минус,но площадка меня заинтересовала. С тех пор учусь по материалам в сети и тестирую связки.
    Мотивируют люди ,которые добились успеха на этом поприще!Арбитраж нравится тем,что он постоянно заставляет учиться,не дает стоять на месте.Ну и конечно дарит мобильность,так как хочется чаще путешествовать.
    Мой отец строитель,а мать – детский врач(это на всякий случай).

  • I do not know if my comment will read Attila, but still share my story.
    I grew up in the 90's, at that time the country had a lot of turning points, as well as the collapse of the USSR, which contributed to the "cultural" and technical wave from the West. There was something new in the air, computers started to fill different spheres of people's activity, I didn't have my own computer, but I knew it thoroughly, programming was easy for me, I did many things easily and intuitively. At that time, I knew what I wanted: to do programming and advertising ( I still had no idea about arbitration and advertising on the Internet), to invent and to invent my own, to live freely, to travel ( I lived in a hunting farm, you can say in the forest, so I really wanted to escape to "civilization" and see the world)… But ironically my life was connected with military service, I didn't have time to blink an eye as 15 years passed, these 15 years passed in the struggle with myself, I was engaged in what I don't like the most, the older I became the more degraded my brain, I got a lot of diseases. Of course there were good moments, my life tempered me and I got my beloved wife and son. BUT I never came close to realizing my dream, but only moved away from it. In General, after long attempts to be realized in different areas of business, I came across traffic arbitration, I almost did not go to tears, I immediately remembered my childhood and my dream, saved money for the start and six months ago began to arbitrage, but in plus I can not yet get out, most of all the problem with the search and filtering of high-quality traffic. If Atilla had given me a few pointers, it would have been a powerful impetus to my efforts towards a brighter future…

  • Hi!

    How did you start AM?
    That was in 2015. Then I was engaged in sites and used offer monetization. I noticed that in the Google search results, advertising one of the offers that I played on my website and decided to try advertising it through Adwords too. The tests were lazy and I did not expect anything, I just created a company and added one key word. So for two months I earned $ 8,000 profit.

    Why do you want to continue?
    I want to travel a lot and give my children a good education.

    What drives you forward?
    I am inspired by my family and the green stripes in the tracker.

  • Life Story:
    I'm Palestinian and live in Jordan for the past 4 years because i'm doing my Civil Engineering degree here i remember myself 3 years ago searching the internet about how to make money as a student and i ended up finding the Affiliate Marketing thing and i liked it so much so i test so many things until finding the CPA offers with media buying model where i focused and still focusing till now.

    How i started the AM :
    after the internet research i choose that i want this to be my income stream and the only way to make money to live the freedom as i never can afford working for someone 8 hours daily to get that tiny salary at the end of the month. i started with some SEO with Clickbank products but i found that this don't fit me so i switched to media buying and i was working on other offline things like giving services to the students of my university to make some money to fund my media buying and also buying things online and resell it offline to university students just to make money to keep buying that media for my campaigns.

    Why i want to continue:
    Short answer : i love this working from my laptop lifestyle.
    a bit longer answer: i see this the way that i like to continue my life of being able to build my own business and be the BOSS to be free to do whatever i like to do with any restrictions.
    the other obvious reason i want to continue is that i see results already and i understand how this thing works as i'm doing good now also i have a small team already that i hired to help me run my business.

    What drive me forward:
    Basically the results. when i go to my stats and see that i'm making money already (even if not profit) and getting paid from networks that's an enough force for me to keep pushing more and more because i believe that i still missing some thing here or there to reach that consistent profit days

  • How did you start AM?
    I was in my final year of university and decided I wasn't going to get a job. I wanted to be my own boss and live life on my own terms. I stumbled upon a course on SEO which opened my eyes to internet marketing. After that, I made my $400 online by creating youtube videos promoting male enlargement pills lol.

    Why do you want to continue?
    I want to be financially free, live the lifestyle by my own design. I can't imagine working for anyone, there are limitless possibilities and opportunity. Why settle for a life of mediocrity when there has never been a better time in history to be your own boss and really make something for yourself?

    What drives you forward?
    I want to retire my parents and give them the life they deserve. They belong to the older generation that believes in working hard and retiring only the last 10-20 years of their life when they're old. I don't believe in that and I want more for them, to give them a chance to enjoy life before it's too late for them. I'm not about to let them down and I will keep persevering for them.

  • I started affiliate marketing sort of the same way Attila did, my wife told me to find out how her friends husband does online. From there it was a massive research haul.

    I continue to Pursue it because it’s the only way I imagine a debt free life for myself and my family.

    My family is my drive, my wife and my 6 month old boy.

  • Timeline:
    06:50 Live before online Business. How organising rave parties turned into meeting a wife
    11:20 Vision of E-commerce business
    13:39 First touch of affiliate Marketing 21 years ago
    17:20 Why networking matters
    20:10 Start in Affiliate Marketing
    23:20 Initial investments to start Online Business
    25:22 How to start now with 2000$ in your pocket
    33:56 Speaking of revenue
    36:58 WIN Personal consulting worth 2000$ from Attila

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